Windy Willow Farm
Miniature Horses & French Bulldogs

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Frenchie Girls Maizie

                     Windy Willow's Lil Maizie
                         AKC # NP40002804

                                         DNA Testing:

                                   Coat Color Results:

AY/AY- 2 copies of the gene responsible for fawn/sable coat color
B/B - Does not carry the brown allele, and can never pass on the gene for brown to 
          future offspring
D/D - Negative for the dilution gene
E/E - Does not carry the gene responsible for yellow coat color.
n/EM - Carries one copy of the allele for melanistic mask
S/S - Carries 2 copies of the spotting or parti-color gene, ad will always pass on
         one copy to all offspring

            French Bulldog Hereditary Disease DNA testing:

CMR1 - Clear- tested negative for Canine Multifocal Retinopathy Type 1
DM - Clear - tested negative for the Degenerative Myelopathy Mutation
HUU - Clear - tested negative for the Hyperuricosuria
JHC - Clear - tested negative for the HSF-4 Hereditary Cataract Mutation
Cystinuria-Associated Marker (Type 3) - Normal
Cardiology Check - Normal


X-rays of Spine, Hips and Patella's all found to be normal.


9/19/2015 Best of Breed, 10/9/2015 Best of Breed 4-6 Beginner Puppy, 10/31/2015 1st Place in Class, 11/1/15 1st Place in Class,11/15/2015 1st Place in Class, 3/1/2016 AKC All Star Puppy Certification


Maizie's Accomplishments




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